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Author: admin | Date: August 23, 2014
It was a big day for a group of visually impaired teens in Austin. They were able to head up into the sky with the Texas non-profit, Challenge Air. The group mainly operates through volunteers who want to share their love for airplanes. So far they've had more than 30,000 special needs kids and teens hop into their planes, some even get to fly them. http://www.myfoxaustin.com/story/25847981/challenge-air-gives-teens-gift-of-flight -KTBC Fox 7 Austin -Austin 2014

Videos & News Segments

Author: admin | Date: August 23, 2014

Challenge Air is not only in the air, but on the air. Watch how we are making an impact in the lives of special needs children across the country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg9m4mnkjaM -NBCAction News 41 (Youtube Channel) -Kansas City 2013

Photo Gallery

Author: admin | Date: August 23, 2014

We have captured photos of our favorite Fly Day moments in each of our locations. Preview our past. Be a part of our future.

Social Media

Author: admin | Date: August 23, 2014

Keep in touch with Challenge Air through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Share your experience with us and help spread the word about our great cause. https://www.facebook.com/Challengeair?sk=reviews -Dona R. Wallace

Janice Wood

Author: admin | Date: August 23, 2014

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2018 Conroe Fly Day closed for kids

The November 3rd Fly Day is no longer accepting registration for kids to fly.  We are sorry you missed us this year.  Check back in January for the 2019 date! Pilots and Volunteers still need to register. Thank you!

Channel 9 Chattanooga News Fly Day

The organization Challenge Air made a stop for a Saturday event. it is an organization based out of Dallas. it makes a difference in the lives of children with special needs. http://mms.tveyes.com/Transcript.asp?StationID=3600&DateTime=5%2F20%2F2017+11%3A08%3A23+PM&Term=Challenge+Air&PlayClip=TRUE ABC Channel 9 Chattanooga 2017

Channel 12 Chattanooga News

It was up, up, and away for a group of local kids and their families. Saturday, Challenge Air's Fly Day was held in Chattanooga at the Wilson Air center.  http://mms.tveyes.com/Transcript.asp?StationID=3605&DateTime=5%2F22%2F2017+5%3A35%3A06+AM&Term=Challenge+Air&PlayClip=TRUE
  • CBS 12 Chattanooga 2017
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